Savor Great Restaurants with Amazing Views in Cashiers & Jackson County

Outdoor NC has partnered with local tourism organizations across the state to help promote the protection of North Carolina’s stunning and diverse outdoor spaces by practicing the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace. Here are some insider tips if you're visiting the Cashiers area.

Q&A host: Sarah Jennings
Outdoor passion: Spending time with friends and family at our favorite local restaurants
Where in NC: Cashiers

Best places in the Highlands or Cashiers area?

The Cashiers/Highlands area is filled with wonderful places to go. When we have friends and family in town, we love to take them to some of our favorite local restaurants: Canyon Kitchen, Cornucopia, Slab Town Pizza and Whiteside Brewing all have great indoor/outdoor spaces. Kids can run and play while you enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail or locally brewed beer.

Best season to spend in the Cashiers area?

I think September is the prettiest season in this area.

What level of experience is needed for outdoor activities in the Cashiers area?

Beginner level. No need to feel intimidated.

How long should you plan on visiting?

The nice thing about this area is that you can come for a few days or a month.

What attracted you to North Carolina or the Cashiers area?

Its beauty and kind people.

What is unique about Cashiers and Highlands?

Everything is so green; trees, grass. The granite faces that pepper the area are unlike anything else you see in the area.

How do you plan or prepare for your meals?

A long hike or local activity will burn enough energy to make you hungry.

What piece of gear is your must-have? 

Comfortable shoes that can go from a hike to a restaurant.

Best places for breakfast/lunch or dinner? 

Breakfast: Buck’s Coffee. Lunch: Slab Town Pizza. Dinner: Canyon Kitchen.

Where do you like to go after you spend time outdoors? 

Ugly Dog Pub has great energy and often has live music or trivia.

Cool places to stay? 

The newly renovated High Hampton. It is absolutely fabulous!

Other sites in the area to see while in town? 

Silver Run Falls is an easy hike you can do in flip-flops.

What is your can't-miss experience near Cashiers or Highlands? 

Hike Whiteside Mountain or visit The Village Green. If you have kids along for the ride, Village Play playground is the best.

Insider tip! 

Call ahead to Canyon Kitchen to see if you can stop in for a drink and apps in the garden.  Especially during the busy season, it is really tough to get a reservation for dinner - but this is a nice alternative.

This article was produced in partnership with Jackson County TDA.

Updated August 13, 2021
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