The second oldest operating lighthouse in the U.S., Ocracoke Lighthouse is a 75-foot sturdy, whitewashed tower built of brick with a concrete veneer exterior. Completed in 1823, the walls of the lighthouse are five feet thick at the base. For nearly 200 years, its beacon has shown out across this remote island and across the treacherous waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It has braved countless storms and weathered many hardships. Its bright light is visible 14 miles at sea. It has led generations of sailors home and has become a symbol of the independent islanders who have made Ocracoke their home. Though the lighthouse is not open for climbing, the site can be visited daily, and makes a wonderful site for photos.

Historic Ocracoke is on the Historic Albemarle Tour. The lighthouse is also one of 10 historic sites on the Hyde County Talking Houses and Historic Places driving tour.