Chestnut Mountain is a nature-based recreation park, located one mile east from the Town Of Canton, and covers 450 acres of forested ridgelines and coves providing a diverse habitat for a variety of plants and animals. The park consists of a Front Country day-use area for picnicking and transitions into the Backcountry as you move deeper into the park where you'll find multi-use trails for both hikers and bikers. Paper Town Express is a multi-use (hiking and biking) trail leading up from the parking lot and Bridge Park. It is an approximate 1 hour out-and-back hike (1.2 miles round trip), with 350' elevation gain, summiting at Berm Park.
Berm Park consists of over a mile of bike trails ranging from beginner to expert level. Visit the Berm Park page to find out more about each of the 5 trails. We continue to add to the experience.