We're the oldest vineyard in Stanly County and is one of the most unique! Specializing in the muscadine, the "Grape of the South," our region-specific wines are produced in all sweetness levels – dry, semi-dry and sweet, so even the most discerning palate can find a muscadine wine to suit their taste! We also set the bar for producing a plethora of top quality fruit and berry wines as well as some of your more traditional French varieties. With wines of varying sweetness, body, balance and finish, you’re sure to find a wine (or two!) for every occasion, every pairing and every mood.

Our large patio overlooking acres of lush grapevines makes the perfect location for sipping on wine or wine slushies. Come relax with us and experience Southern vineyard charm at its finest. Daily tastings with more than 30 unique and tasty varieties to choose from.