The entire Boone family came to this area in 1755, Daniel would have been approximately 15 at the time. He was with his parents and other family and friends. They reportedly lived in the cave while cabins for the group were being built, approximately 1 year. There has never been any proof of a Boone cabin on park property, a foundation was found, location not marked, but no connection could be made. There was no basement. There are, however, copies of many land grants in the Boone family name surrounding what is now the park. (Daniel's brothers, uncle and father were all land owners)

The park itself offers 6 miles of hiking trails, fishing and limited camping with reservations ahead of time. The cottonwood tree is the third largest on record in the state; it is 169 feet tall, more than 16 feet around the trunk and the canopy is 109 feet wide.


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