Fresh is the underlying theme at Mermaid's Island Grill. Simple seasonings on fresh local ingredients, like our "Brunswick Catch" fresh local seafood or Certified Angus Beef Brand (the only beef we use). We make our own fresh cut fries and don't even have a freezer in the kitchen. We fresh squeeze lemons and limes to make our mixes for our cocktails and use fresh squeezed lemon juice, 100% olive oil, and real butter in our recipes. Hellman's mayonnaise is the main ingredient in all our homemade dressings and sauces. We shred block cheddar cheese and mix it with cream to make our cheddar cheese sauce the old-fashioned way. Our bacon bits are made in house from real bacon and we make our own croutons for our salads. These are not simple tasks and we hope you notice the difference in the freshness and flavors of our foods.