The original concept was to be comfortable yet elegant, like an old English manor house. The crest, which hangs over the door to the Pub, has a Lion and a Unicorn fighting over a crown roast with “not new things but in new ways” written in Latin. This crest is what Ashten’s is all about. Traditional but with a twist, We love to take classics and play with them so we do a lot of experimenting! We call it "global cuisine from a Southern perspective"!

Since we opened “The Pub” it has become a real gathering spot for drinks, tapas and dinner. It houses a beautiful old bar, imported from England and there are two TVs for whatever event people want to watch. There’s also a bar in the downstairs dining room where our full menu is offered.

Winner of the 2010 Best Dish in N.C. for Fine Dining in the Eastern Piedmont/Coastal Region. Winner OpenTable Diners' Choice 2015.