The dance floor is enormous - 60 by 80 feet - with seating for nearly a thousand people. The Ivy Hill Band plays a variety of mountain and popular music‚ from old-time fiddle tunes to contemporary country hits. As soon as the first lick is played‚ dancers hit the floor with great gusto. Dressed in fanciful regalia‚ many couples wear matching outfits - shirts‚ boots‚ scarves‚ and hats - while they perform line dancing‚ square dancing‚ clogging‚ and the two-step with exact precision. Clogging contests at different times of year. Zeb Ross and the J. Creek Cloggers might make an appearance. While audience members are frequently encouraged by the emcee to join in‚ most are quite satisfied to simply watch the remarkable show happening there before them. Member of the Blue Ridge Heritage Trail of North Carolina. Keeping the heritage alive with music and dance.