Brewery Bhavana is a gathering place celebrating communal beer experiences that exhibit the hand of the maker via the brewery, dim sum restaurant, flower shop and bookstore. The heart of Brewery Bhavana is the private production brewery a few blocks down the road on Bloodworth St. There, within a community of artists called Anchorlight, they brew 10 core beers and a growing number of provisional offerings to fill the 40 taps at Brewery Bhavana. This brewery includes an expanding cooperage of wine barrels and foeders, from which will soon blend the sour and barrel-aged beers. Brewery Bhavana beers are inspired and cultivated through years of travel, education and personal experience. Each one reminds the brewers of a moment, a person, a sensation or a place they have loved. Visit website for complete list of core beers and provisional beers available for tasting at Brewery Bhavana.