The primary trailhead is located at the int of Hwy 143 (NC1127) and Snowbird Road (NC1115). The alternate trailhead is at Long Hungry Road (FSR #2586) and Carver Cemetery. Parking is available on the upper road, adjacent to the cemetery. Both areas offer enough space for trailer parking.

Although riding the entire 15 m might be too much for a beginner, short out & back sections from trail-heads & the 4 m Long Hungry Loop will provide a good introduction to trail riding. The Connector Trail, a quarter mile section of technical single-track, is the perfect place for beginner & intermediate riders to practice skills. You can access the Connector Trail from the Long Hungry Road & Carver Cemetery trail-head. Trail users will be tempted to return to the trailhead using Hwy 143 instead of the trail. Users are advised to return to the trailhead using Santeetlah Lake Trail & not Hwy 143.