Family-owned and operated business, run by true rock-hounds and geology enthusiasts! At the Gem Mine, we provide a bucket of ore from local gemstone mines, set you up beside a flume and show you how to sift through the dirt to reveal what's hidden. Our indoor flumes are widely spaced, allowing comfortable, safe, all-weather fun. Then you can chat with one of our trained geology specialists who will teach you all about the gemstones and fossils you've found. Providing a fun and educational atmosphere for all ages, our mission is to teach basic geology with a focus on the Appalachian Mountain range.
At the Appalachian Fossil Museum, you can view NC's largest private collection of fossils. Among the treasures are a real Tyrannosaurus rex skull, a NC emerald collection, and uranium (safely behind lead acrylic)! Find the Mine & Museum in our new location at Shoppes on the Parkway!


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