The Southeast’s largest natural history museum has four floors of exhibits, live animals, 3D movies, three gift stores, and two cafes. The iconic 70-foot-diameter globe at its center houses a three-story theater with live programming and ambient movies on its giant screen. Visitors can observe scientists at work in five glass-walled research labs, and in three Investigate Labs, they can perform experiments designed and led by museum educators.

Exhibits include the world’s most complete Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur; a juvenile T. rex; six great whales; a 10,000-gallon aquarium; a two-story waterfall; walk-through dioramas; a Naturalist Center with real specimens; a vet window where visitors can watch live procedures and talk to the staff; and a butterfly room that also houses a two-toed sloth. The museum hosts spectacular new featured exhibits every year and hands-on programs daily.