Step back in time into an old fashioned candy store, a delight for children of all ages. Do you remember candy buttons, wax lips and pretend-blowing a puff of smoke from a candy cigarette? All those things can be found at the Candy Factory in uptown Lexington. The Candy Factory is everything you’d expect in a candy store of yesteryear. Our wooden floors have the kind of patina that develops from decades of feet wandering through rows of candy jars and a player piano often greets customers with old-timey music. Red Bird mint puffs and stick candies from Piedmont Candy Company, located in Lexington, are still available in the store. Be sure to watch the video telling the story of the candy business. Hundreds of nostalgic candies and an interesting assortment of antiques. The Candy Factory brings visitors from all over the world because it's not just a candy store, it’s an experience!


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