Machapunga Ecotours provides privately charted guided tours on Pososin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, outside Belhaven. These tours emphasize the ecology of southeastern pocosin wetlands/peatlands and the wildlife and plants and plants that inhabit this unique environment. Availabiity is Thursday afternoons through Sunday mornings each week, leaving from Belhaven at approximately 8 am and 12 pm. Each tour is conducted from a 4WD Honda Pilot, and will last 3-4 hours with possible hiking involved, depending on the preferences and ability of customers. Sightings vary with the seasonal natural history of species on the refuge and all viewing and photography will be in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Binoculars and/or monoculars are provided. Rates are $125 per group of 1-5 participants and $150 per group of 6-7 participants