What makes us unique? H2O Captain is the only Adventure Travel company to
- Look for goats on Money Island
- Ride on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)
- Show passengers the entire Morehead City Waterfront
- Show passengers the entire waterfront of Beaufort
- Have cushioned seats for all passengers
- Offer a center console boat so passengers can walk around in
- Set up a dining table for all passengers to enjoy a meal together
- Offers a large enough Bimini for passengers to stand under during times of rain or extremely bright sunshine
- Give to all parties a reusable shelling bag (great for a future beach bag, towels, personal items, etc.)
- Have as its 1st Mate Lucky the dog!
- Offers custom nighttime excursions
- Have the only Captain who serves in the USCG Aux
- Have the only Captain who is a Certified Instructor at the USCG Aux