The three-generation farm, nestled in the northern end of the county, is currently owned by Danny Bynum and his wife, Sherry. It was originally purchased in 1922 by Danny’s grandparents, Charlie Howard Bynum (Pop) and Onis Carpenter Bynum (Mom).

The Bynum Farm opens annually at the beginning of July and closes on Labor Day. Open every day except Sunday, the Bynums take pride in their produce, and guarantee every bag, basket, and box are full to the bream with peaches! They are also experts on storing peaches to extend their shelf life by not refrigerating them, but picking fresh peaches daily. In addition to the delicious peaches, they also sell cantaloupes, grapes, and watermelons. Go find your Rich Getaway in Windblow, Richmond County, and enjoy the rich taste of the Bynum’s produce, especially the peaches!