When planning your visit to North Carolina, you’re often building in time to explore our natural attractions. Hiking along a trail in the mountains, spending the day at the beach, camping overnight in a forest – there’s so much to do here in the great outdoors.

Make safety a priority and you’ll return from your trip with nothing but fond memories.

Hiking, Camping & Waterfall Safety

North Carolina’s mountains, waterfalls, and state and national parks are year-round playgrounds for explorers of all skill levels. Your safety depends on your own good judgment.

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Beach Safety

Whether you’re swimming, sailing, surfing or laying out to catch some sun, we want your time at the beach to be as safe as it is fun.

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Lifeguarded Beaches

Millions of travelers visit North Carolina’s coast each year for diverse experiences on national seashores, undeveloped islands and hospitable beach towns. If you prefer swimming on beaches with lifeguard stations, here’s where to find them.

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