Visit North Carolina and Leave No Trace want you to Make It Your Nature next time – and every time – you
visit our great outdoors by taking the Outdoor NC Pledge.

I vow to make it my nature to:

  • Respect North Carolina’s outdoor spaces and my fellow visitors by practicing the Leave No Trace Principles.
  • Learn and honor the cultural norms for the places I visit.
  • Map my trip wisely, avoid times of peak visitation, and have Plan B in my pocket if the parking lot’s full.
  • Play it safe when it comes to waterfalls, rip currents and other forces beyond my control.
  • Stick to established trails and avoid damaging (or impacting) pristine surfaces.
  • Remove my own litter and my dog’s doo, and to pitch in whenever I see trash.
  • Avoid intruding on the habitats and areas where bears, wild horses, salamanders and other creatures live.
  • Take pictures from the trail instead of souvenirs from nature.
  • Treat everyone I encounter with patience and understanding in consideration for people who may be unaware of caring for the outdoors.