"Avast, ye mateys! Thar be pirates afoot!" Take the quest for the "Legend of Blackbeard" and learn the real history of Beaufort's piratical past. Take a daytime stroll through America’s best small town! This tour focuses exclusively on the pirates and their activities in and around Beaufort, as well as some little known pirate facts...told by the area's best pirate guides of course! . Your guide will tell stories from the perspective of historical pirate figures such as Calico Jack, Anne Bonny and Stede Bonnet. Your pirate guide will lead you down the same streets Blackbeard and other pirates walked on 300 years ago, tell you of the Beaufort Pirate Invasion of 1747, and teach you about Beaufort’s most famous privateer. Diligently researched stories will make this an exciting and educational historical experience!


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