Kick off Fall by joining the Seagrove Potters in the celebration of “American Craft Week”. With 300+ years of pottery tradition, come discover for yourself what makes this a special place to visit. Observe demonstrations of wheel throwing, visit kiln openings and much more. The potters are willing to share behind the scenes activities, so you can join in the fun! Located in the central piedmont of North Carolina, more than 100 ceramic artists call this destination home. Experience Seagrove’s pottery tradition on a self-guided tour of over 50 working studios in the Handmade Pottery Capital of the United States. Visitors can shop galleries from the town’s center, extending to a 20-mile radius along the scenic NC Pottery Highway. Tour individual shops to experience Seagrove’s tradition, meet the potters and discover the limitless talent that thrives within this creative community.

In 2017, a nationwide poll to name the top ten towns for craft lovers was conducted by American Craft Week, a program sponsored by the trade association, CRAFT (Craft Retailers and Artists for Tomorrow). Seagrove garnered 33% of the 17,000 votes cast and was named the #1 Town for Craft Lovers.

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Updated February 3, 2023