For an “out-of-this-world” experience visit Emerald Village on special evenings to see fluorescent minerals come to life. Guided nighttime underground mine tours unlock vibrant hidden colors available only under ultraviolet light, commonly called black light. The brilliant coatings in the Bon Ami Mine are largely deposits of hyalite opal. Under shortwave ultraviolet light, they glow a vivid lime green. Other fluorescent minerals include feldspar that glows pink to red, manganapatite that glows cream to orange, and a rare phosphorescent blue mineral which has not been identified. We provide the special lights, flashlights, and safety glasses. The presentation and tour last about an hour. Reservations are not required. Custom tours available.

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Alan Schabilion

Emerald Village 331 McKinney Mine Road
Little Switzerland, NC 28749

(828) 765-6463

Updated February 24, 2020