Multiple award-winning Barbra Streisand Tribute Artist, Carla DelVillaggio, has been described as “funny”, “charismatic”, “can improvise on the spot”, “creates the perfect illusion as Streisand”, “has Streisand’s signature phrasing, timing, and vocal mannerisms”.

From the hair, down to the trademark nails, and wearing meticulously detailed replicas of iconic concert gowns, she is "Simply Streisand" in every way. Carla’s jaw-dropping recreation evokes the excitement and high energy vocals of Streisand’s most powerful numbers, as well as the beauty and purity of sound essential for the ballads so closely associated with this greatest of all singing actresses. Her keen sense of comedic timing and ability to ad-lib add to the overall illusion of portraying the original “Funny Girl”.

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The Center For Art & Inspiration 125 South Main Street
Hendersonville, NC 28792

(828) 697-8547

Updated April 11, 2019