Living history and historic weapons demonstrations will tell the story of life in Halifax during the American Revolution. In the spring of 1781, British General Lord Cornwallis’s forces took heavy losses at the March 15th Battle of Guilford Courthouse. After a brief rest in Wilmington, North Carolina, Cornwallis decides to march his army north and attempt a rendezvous with British forces in Virginia. Although Cornwallis did not know it yet, his army would be taking their first step on the “Road to Yorktown” and the last major battle of the American war for Independence. The “Road to Yorktown” would lead Cornwallis’s army through the town of Halifax and his advance guard, led by Colonel “Bloody” Banastre Tarleton, would clash with patriot militia in the streets. Tarleton and his men would successfully force the militia to retreat across the Roanoke River and Cornwallis’s army would spend about a week in Halifax.


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Updated January 20, 2023