This summer events series will celebrate the foodways of our Southern Appalachian region and the area’s unique community of makers, each adding singular ingredients to the recipe for a culturally diverse culinary identity. By engaging nationally and locally recognized chefs to multi-generational farmers, millers, bakers, artists and brewers, Chow Chow shines a light on the creative spirit of the region that makes the Blue Ridge Mountains a delicious place to taste, to see, to explore and to experience through immersive and educational culinary experiences.

This summer, we are bringing together culinary creators, makers and thought leaders for creative celebrations and meaningful experiences that broaden our understanding of one another with a focus on food justice, racial justice and climate change. Chow Chow’s vision is an equitable and thriving regional food system, where culinary and creative enterprise are central to community identity and resilience. We welcome the collective sum of differences, life experiences, knowledge, self-expression and talent our makers and guests bring to Chow Chow.

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Asheville, NC

Updated May 25, 2021