This festival showcases the history of Catawba Valley alkaline glazed stoneware and the potters who continually produce this traditional utilitarian ware. Since most potters utilize wood-fired kilns at home sites, information about sales was tenuous, with customers relying on word-of-mouth or postcards. The festival provided an annual sale where pottery made in Catawba Valley, could be purchased. Over the years, development and growth have allowed this festival to include potters from across the state and the South, as well as dealers offering historical pottery and antiques. More than 115 potters and vendors will offer their wares and antiques. Items include historical pottery, textiles, baskets, furniture and miniature items; with contemporary potters selling items ranging from coffee mugs to amazing works of art.


Alan Huffman

1960 13th Avenue Dr. SE
Hickory, NC 28602

(828) 324-7294

Updated September 4, 2019