Spookywoods – “The place your mother warned you about”
This Halloween haunted attraction started by a dare of teenagers in 1985 to go into an abandoned farm house.  After getting a good scare from a family of bats, a group of friends decided to make a haunted house that fall. Not only has Spookywoods turned into a Halloween tradition with three generations of loyal fans, it has become a proud member of the most successful Halloween haunted houses in the world. The members of the group take haunting to a level that rivals Hollywood in set design, costumes, and make-up. This haunted attraction which receives national media attention annually will fill your night with frightful fun. Parking $10; Preferred Parking $20.

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Tony Wohlgemuth

1615 Kersey Valley Rd
Archdale, NC 27263

(336) 431-1700

Updated September 29, 2022