For 48 years, the Town of Valdese has honored the unique Waldensian heritage of Valdese through an annual celebration. We look forward to making the 49th year even better than the ones before! The Waldensian Festival is an event mirrored all over the world in Waldensian communities and settlements, commemorating the “Glorious Return” of the Waldenses to their native valleys in the Cottian Alps of Italy after years of exile and turmoil.

Each year, the Town of Valdese strives to reach new heights, and are so glad you want to take part in this special tradition! The 2024 Waldensian Festival will concentrate on unique crafts, great food, and top-quality entertainment. To achieve this goal, the festival committee has researched wonderful artists, specialty food vendors, and entertainers from around the country.

Dates & Times

August 9-10, 2024


100 Main Street West
Valdese, NC 28690




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