Join us at Sylvan Heights Bird Park as we officially open our largest new aviary featuring flocks of colorful birds from tropical regions of southeast Asia, Indonesia, Australia, and Papua New Guinea. Species on exhibit include Raggiana birds-of-paradise, green pygmy geese, plum-headed parakeets, Nicobar pigeons, Victorian crowned pigeons, and many others.

Sylvan Heights Bird Park is where you can discover the world’s largest collection of rare and endangered waterfowl. Sylvan Heights gives visitors the opportunity to see over 2,500 birds from around the world, from ducks, geese, and swans, to parrots, pheasants, cranes, owls, toucans, flamingos and much more.


Karen Parker, Events Coordinator

Sylvan Heights Bird Park 500 Sylvan Heights Park Way
Scotland Neck, NC 27874

(252) 826-3186

Updated July 2, 2021